Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post #10

1. 3 Things students need to remember and understand
     a.  All content discussed and seen over the web can be construed on a positive and negative manner upon yourself, whether that is fair or not.
     b.  People will not always agree with your points of view.
     c.  Discussion of different perpectives is healthy when done appropriately.

2.Internet Safety and digital citizenship videos for students, parents and teachers is one i believe every person now needs to view.  Good points are brought up in these presentations.

3.  Couple of ways to do this.  Could set up a phony social account with questionable content and discuss with the class on a blog. Then you could further the lesson by posting negative comments back to students when their views are posted.  I also thought how Alan November showed us the website "honoring" Martin Luther King, Jr. was very effective.  Would definitely need some assistance with that, as that research into seeing that it was created by the KKK is more advanced. But I still remember that, and am sure that a lesson like that would resonate with students.

4. I would share this information on my syllubus and website, as well as discuss this at open house.  would also be effective for SBISD to create a sort of education campaign within the community highlighting this topic.

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