Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post #11 - THE LAST ONE!!!

1)  Do not necessarily have a favorite tool, but was glad to become familiar with some of what is available out there to enhance the learning process for students.  Whether you apply tools/apps for lab groups to work with like moviemaker, or simple communication tools like Twitter, used properly the classroom can become a better extension into the technology used in the work place.

2)  My views have not changed, as it is the teacher who is first and foremost who going to be driving force for the student's learning.  Technology can greatly enhance that learning and make it even more student driven, which is the goal, but technology is only a tool.  It should not be the lesson. There must be purpose, an objective, that students follow to guide their learning.  Teachers must be the ones to set that up.  Even in online learning environments, this is still the case.

3)  The only surprise I had was the easy that some the tool were to use.  My reluctance (and time-constraints) to use some the these tools were unwarranted.  Will definitely use more of these tools in the classroom going forward.


  1. I hope to share in your optimism...mane.

  2. Congrats on completing the 11 tools blog. Glad that you found some tools you can use.