Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post #3

I love how we have to meet these deadlines, but the links that are supposed to work within SBISD's network are not allowing me to learn how to embed videos.  but i am making an attempt to see if this works.

For my soccer teams, sometimes during pre-games to get their on soccer and nothing else, i'll show them a highlight clip of something deals with soccer, usually top highlights of all-time.  Below is one i found using

I'll also use video streaming for my science classes. I find this to be very useful to provide visuals for many of the processes we discuss in Biology. Here's a short clip on Mitosis.

Ensuring that whatever you use, whether images or videos, as long as they're being viewed for educational purposes, you're good.

Dropbox is also a good tool as it allows users to create a place where students co-workers can turn in assignments or work into a central location. Your dropping it off, hence the name, DROPBOX.

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