Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post #7

Content Objective: Students will analyze data from various growths of bacteria collected by Biology students around the school campus.

When implemented: Students will be introduced to this project at the beginning of our bacteria and viruses unit as a form of independent practice of the skills they will learn. This will illustrate how bacterial growth in its appearance represents different strains/organisms.

Tools used: Edmodo to communicate info between myself and the students, as well as peer-peer communication. Could also use this to find other classrooms across the world that would like to share data - maybe couple with Skype???; Google Docs for data collection spreadsheets & creating presentations.

Description: Students will collect strains of bacteria from various locations in the school by swabbing surfaces and placing collections in a petri dish, where they will then grow in a controlled state within an incubator for a 24-48 hour period.. Students will use Google Docs to record data into spreadsheets that can be shared with me, each other, and other classes both in our school and outside of it. Presentations of the findings can be made in Google Docs as well.

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