Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post #8

 I learned of the differences between the netbooks and iPads that we will be receiving in the coming weeks. How netbooks have ports to set up projectors, monitors, etc. The different technologies that each incorporate allows for each to be used differently in the classroom.   This will be something that teachers will have to figure out, but i can definitely envision some possibilities in the biology classroom.  One easy application which could be done with both could be a video viewed where groups use as a guide video on a dissection.

The difficult problem will be ensuring that students use and treat these tools accordingly.  Would like to setup guidelines where student are responsible for their own use.  However, will be interesting to see how students will actually treat the stuff that is not their own.  Usually deal with the rougher students in my biology classes, and it is hard enough to keep them in line with materials that are relatively cheap.  Now we are talking about $$$ with the iPads and NetBooks we are getting.  Will be good that all received items will be synced to my laptop to monitor the use by groups.

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