Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post #9

1. What's the purpose of using technology in the classroom if it is not tied into the lesson being taught?  There may be times to give students an opportunities to play with the technology being provided to give the students opportunities to learn what the product is capable of.  But even doing this is should be tied into what you want the students to learn.  Time is too valuable in the classroom to let it be wasted, even without technology being involved.  Technology can be an invaluable tool in keeping students engaged and moving forward in a lesson, but if the use is not tied into an objective, tech. is just another tool for students to disengage themselves from learning.

2. In biology, we perform lab within groups of students where each member is accountable not only their own actions in the lab in terms of materials being used, demonstrating the proper procedures to ensure the safety of all members in their group and those around them, and just simply making sure that no one person is doing all the work.  The technology that's being introduced into the classroom is just an extention of rules and guidelines that already are established in science classrooms.  Much of our equipment is very costly, and so with these iPads and netbooks, same rules will apply, with some additional ones to follow.

3. PhET and Thinkfinity are both good sites for students. Numerous activities and lessons can help support a group's learning process.  They could also be used to help guide lab procedures, provide demonstrations which classes may not necessarily have time or resources to complete. you could even set classes up where a different procedure or lab process is viewed at every table that students rotate. Lots of possibilities.  There are also a number of websites run by universities and research institutions that also provide online lab activities and demonstrations.

4. a. Animoto or iMovie could be used to assist in presentations groups make in various projects done throughout the semester.  Videoscience also would be good to use in viewing quick lab demonstrations otherwise not doen in the classroom.

5. There are a variety of ways the iPads could be used in science classrooms.  As i become more familiar with the capabilities of the iPad, i can envision where groups use the iPad to not only type in data, but the iPad becomes the data collector, perhaps in measuring temperature change, sunlight intensity, etc. for a lab.

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